Mindfulness is a super powerful + transformative practice. 

When we become mindful we are more:

1. Aware of what we’re thinking and how we speak to our self.
2. Connected with the wisdom of our body instead of living in and being controlled by our mind.
3. Compassionate + actively listen to our teams, peers and loved ones so we better serve the world around us.

Our thoughts create feelings, our feelings create actions – and the cycle repeats.

Mindfulness practices help teach us that we are NOT our thoughts AND that we can consciously CHOOSE our thoughts at all times. When we choose positive thoughts, we shift how we FEEL and influence how we ACT.

If we are STRESSED OUT, our thoughts are more turbulent and negative. We FEEL run down, out of balance, irritable or even helpless. We are more RE-ACTIVE and our ACTIONS often DON’T align with our truth.

When we are CONNECTED to our breath and our body (our senses) we’re present and aware. We notice when things feel out of balance or when we are triggered. From this awareness, we’re able to relax into the moment and RESPOND in a calm manner.

To that point, Reflection, Integration & Intention are key aspects of Mindfulness. Taking time to review our past, learn from it, and then set an intention for the future as we move forward, helps us live from a place of grounding & wholeness.

I came across this quote recently and it deeply resonated with me as it fully captures my intention for 2021 – to TRUST + surrender to the flow of life – I hope it resonates with you as well:

“Some things take time. Some things take years before you see how it comes together. But the more you can remember the wholeness of it all, the more you will find that despite your unknowing, the grass, the trees, and the creatures throughout this vast landscape are still growing, and somehow, through it all, it all works together. And you too, are part of that… and it’s okay if it takes time to see this. Wisdom is gathered over years, not minutes. Trust its slowness. Trust its thoroughness.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

As we settle into 2021:

May we all slow down, reflect upon + integrate some of the lessons from last year.

May we each take time to set an intention for this year.

May we all cultivate trust in the bigger picture + in the mystery of life itself.