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I’m Edie Gudaitis!

CEO & Founder of Edie Gudaitis Wellness – a sanctuary for your mind, body and soul.

As a certified Yoga, Breathwork + Meditation Facilitator, Bestselling Author + Coach, my favourite ways to inspire + empower clients include coaching clients 1-1, facilitating at Retreats and Events, leading Workshops, Speaking about Stress, Change + Resilience, and via my new podcast: “The Stress DETOX Podcast“.

Prior to Wellness, I worked in the Corporate world. I juggled shifting deadlines and changing expectations, worked out all the time, ate super healthy, volunteered for a non-profit and socialized every weekend. I was always pushing myself to do that 10% more – stuck in the grip of a perfectionist mindset. Within 2.5 years, I was burnt out. I quickly learned two lessons: if your career is not in alignment with your heart, nothing you “do” will feel fulfilling or adequate – AND – if you don’t listen to the signals of your body to slow down and rest… you won’t be able to sustain your career, and your health + wellbeing will suffer.

So to heal my body + mind and better understand the desires of my heart, I quit my job, moved out of the city and set off to learn everything I could about Mindset, Mindfulness, Nervous System Regulation, Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation :)

Life threw me MANY curveballs as I made the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship – you can learn more about my journey with corporate burnout, parental loss, severe injury + more, in “One Decision Away” – the bestselling book that I co-authored in 2023 :)

A bit more about me…

Born in San Diego, California, and having grown up mainly in Toronto, Canada – my passion for movement + mindfulness and my curious nature – started at a young age. I grew up dancing, skiing, swimming, playing at the beach and frolicking in the forest. During and after university, my adventurous spirit carried me across the world, where I lived in some amazing places (Vancouver, Whistler, England, Costa Rica, Toronto and now, Collingwood, ON), and I worked in different industries, including: hospitality, customer relations, marketing + communications, events. Throughout it all, movement + mindfulness were a constant for me.

In addition to being described as a “deeply kind + loving soul”,  I am known for my hugs, and recognized for my strength + resilience; a result of how I chose to navigate LIFE, with gratitude, love and grace… which served as my greatest teacher and was the catalyst for me shifting into Health & Wellness.

When I am not creating, facilitating, speaking, coaching and guiding clients through sessions, you can find me hiking, traveling, dancing, running, practicing yoga, playing golf, paddle boarding, swimming in the bay, basking in the sun, reading + hanging out with friends.

What about you – what’s your story? What are your passions? What has life taught you?


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One of my favourite quotes that recently helped shape my life is…


Let’s conjure up from the depths of our souls

The truest, most beautiful life we can imagine. The truest, most beautiful family we can fathom. The truest, most beautiful world we can hope for…

May the invisible orders become visible. May our dreams become our plans.

Glennon Doyle


2019 – Reiki Level 1
2019 – 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell
2020 – Yoga for Injuries Training with Downward Dog Yoga
2020 – Life Coaching Certification
2020 – Meditation Training with Carolyn Anne Budgell
2021 – Anatomy of Breath + Pranayama Training with Downward Dog Yoga
2021 – Meditation + Breathwork Training with Carolyn Anne Budgell
2021 – Spa Yoga Training with Carolyn Anne Budgell
2023 – Hands on Assists / Adjustment Workshop with Shirlee Williams
2023 – Hot / Cold Immersion Training with Justin Hyde Wellness
2024 – Meditation + Breathwork Training with Carolyn Anne Budgell

Edie is a calming and loving person, and her warm energy shines through her work. I have had the pleasure of attending several of Edie’s classes and workshops, and they have all left me feeling more grounded, relaxed, open, and calm.

Laura B (Clerkson’s)

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