About Me

I’m Edie Gudaitis!

I’m a Communicator, Connector and Community Builder.

I lead public and private yoga + meditation classes; host empowerment workshops for youth, women, dancers + athletes, and provide 1-1 mindfulness coaching for individuals looking to make a change in their life.

Movement, creativity and community have been (and continue to be) an integral part of my life. I grew up playing outside + being in nature; dancing, swimming + skiing and more. I was encouraged to be creative and use my imagination.

I was introduced to Yoga in 2008, while attending a performing arts high school for dance. Initially I was attracted to Vinyasa, Power and Hot Flow Yoga classes – the more heating and active classes. However, as chronic injuries from dance and skiing resurfaced in 2014/2015, I came to appreciate Restorative and Hatha Yoga.

By slowing down my practice, I connected more deeply with my body + mind, as well as the meditative quality of the Yoga practice. From this place of awareness, I came to understand that Yoga and Meditation are sacred, intimate and transformative practices – integrating mind, body and spirit.

In 2019, I completed my 200hr Lila Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell. It was a transformative and amazing experience. Immense gratitude to these ladies, and to my instructors (past and present) who continue to inspire me to live the most beautiful, honest and purposeful life: Erin Anderson, Maeve Jones, Shirlee Williams, Melissa Enfield, Tianne Allan, Peter Elmas and Krista Marie Starr.

My yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices continue to “wake me up” to my truest purpose in each moment. These practices have become an essential part of my daily life, helping me navigate pivotal life changes with curiosity, compassion, grace, gratitude and patience

So much of our power and wisdom lies within each of us. Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Reiki can literally shift + transform energy within the body + mind, helping us to heal on a mental, emotional and physical level. 

Strengthen your body. Challenge your mind.

Transform your life, one day at a time.


Reiki Level 1
RYT 200hr + additional yoga trainings

Certified Mindfulness Coach
Certified Meditation Instructor
UBC – Bachelor of Arts

BCIT – Marketing + Event Management Certificate

Let’s conjure up from the depths of our souls

The truest, most beautiful life we can imagine. The truest, most beautiful family we can fathom. The truest, most beautiful world we can hope for…

May the invisible orders become visible. May our dreams become our plans.

Glennon Doyle

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