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I’m Edie Gudaitis!

At Edie Gudaitis Wellness, we are all about helping individuals reduce stress, reconnect with thier body + regulate thier nervous system (and process “heavy” emotions) through movement, breath, mindset tools and more!

I ALSO help organizations reduce stress + burnout in thier teams, through the practices of Yoga, Breathwork, Neuroplasticity, and Mindfulness.

Having worked in Corporate world, I understand the pressure, stress, long hours and toll that long periods of sitting can have on the body.

Sciatica, low back pain and brain fog became the norm for me. Paired with a weaked immune system, they all signalled to me that I was burnt out and needed to hit pause. I quickly realized, though I enjoyed my field of work, something didn’t feel quite right. Something felt forced and definitely missing.

In 2018 I got the courage to make a big shift. I swapped my Corporate city life for my entrepreneur dream and moved to the countryside. As I was about to go South for a Yoga Teacher Training, my life took a big turn. My mom was diagnosed with a rare, fatal disease in January 2019 and died 8 weeks later. Death really puts life – and LOVE – what matters THE MOST – into perspective. After a few months processing the aftershock of her passing, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training. Since the fall of 2019, I’ve completed additional Yoga courses + trainings, Meditation trainings, Coaching programs, grief workshops and more! Now I share the things I am MOST passionate about – Yoga, Meditation + Mindfulness – with clients all over the world.

The focus of my work is Stress Management, Empowerment Coaching, Nervous System Regulation + Employee Wellness. Having experienced immense grief in response to my moms death, and bounced back from burnout, I know the transformative power that Mindfulness, Yoga, Somatic Practices and Breathwork can have on one’s health and personal + career success.

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One of my favourite quotes that recently helped shape my life is…


Let’s conjure up from the depths of our souls

The truest, most beautiful life we can imagine. The truest, most beautiful family we can fathom. The truest, most beautiful world we can hope for…

May the invisible orders become visible. May our dreams become our plans.

Glennon Doyle

My Journey

So far


In 2019, I completed my 200hr Lila Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell. It was a transformative and amazing experience. In 2020 + 2021, I completed additional Yoga, Breathwork + Meditation Trainings with Downward Dog Yoga and with Carolyn Anne Budgell. Immense gratitude to my instructors who continue to inspire me to live the most beautiful, honest and purposeful life: Erin Anderson, Maeve Jones, Shirlee Williams, Melissa Enfield, Tianne Allan, Peter Elmas, Krista Marie Starr, Marla Joy and Ron Reid.

RYT 200hr + 50hrs of additional yoga training
Certified Life Coach
Certified Meditation  + Breathwork Instructor

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying both yoga and meditation sessions with Edie. I love that she really takes time to curate her classes to suit the needs and comfort of her students. Participating in her Monday morning meditation session at my workplace was a great way to start my week. I noticed I felt more calm throughout the day and more focused in my work – compared to days that I did not meditate in the morning. Having access to yoga at the office, was wonderful as well. I always left her sessions feeling grounded and peaceful. Edie’s classes are a lovely way to show yourself and your team some self-care.

Carly, Designer

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