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Hi, I’m the CEO & Founder of Edie Gudaitis Wellness. I am a communicator, connector and community builder. My heart-centered “WHY” is to inspire, empower and uplift people to LIVE their most authentic life where they feel balanced + at ease in their body, mind and soul. 

As a certified Yoga, Breathwork + Meditation Facilitator, Bestselling Author  + Wellness Coach, some of my favourite ways to support clients include Wellness Retreats; Workshops; Speaking about Stress, Change + Resilience; writing and via my new podcast, “The Stress DETOX Podcast”.


Working with Edie has been truly transformative. Her sessions provide a safe space where she skillfully addresses individual needs through mindset techniques, somatic practices, breathwork and emotional release.

I started with her impactful group Series ‘LET GO,’ and from there, I quickly opted for private sessions. The follow-up emails she provided after each session were immensely helpful, allowing me to continue practicing independently. Edie’s online programs, guided by her gentle and positive demeanor, offered another valuable way to grow. She’s played a significant role in my journey of self-discovery, stress management and mental + emotional well-being.

Lina P

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I LOVE my clients:

I was struggling to find balance in my life with a demanding career, raising a teenage daughter, and changing personal relationships when I was introduced to Edie through a mutual friend. During our first conversation, Edie’s perspective resonated with me so much that I signed up for one of her yoga retreats – and I haven’t looked back! From working with Edie, I’ve learned indispensable tools to navigate stress and anxiety, and also found the courage to make some much needed changes to put my health and wellness first.

Heather M

The Best-Selling Book

One Decision Away

It’s never just ONE thing. It’s not one book, one decision, one mentor, one course, one anything that changes the trajectory of your life. It is the many decisions, both significant and seemingly insignificant, the many signs and synchronicities you finally see and listen to, that inspire you to make the ONE decision that will impact everything else.

In One Decision Away, the authors demonstrate how a single decision can have a profound impact and how golden threads weave our stories together, leading us down unexpected paths and opening doors we never knew existed.

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Want some calm + joy

in your inbox?

Join my email community and get the latest updates on classes, free guided meditations, and inspiration for creating a more aligned, peaceful life.


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