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Feeling burnout, out of balance or navigating grief from a big life change?

I see you. I can relate. I can help :)

Having healed from corporate burnout, learned to navigate grief with grace + presence, and, recovered from 2 major injuries – all in the last 5 years – I’ve created 3 POWERFUL online programs that help you:

1. Reduce Stress + Avoid Burnout

2. Process + Navigate Grief

3. Process Your Emotions + Regulate Your Nervous System

Each program includes the most impactful practices that have helped me and my clients heal from burnout, grief, change and loss – shifting us from surving to thriving in all areas of life :)

Ready to feel at ease, stable + connected in your life?

Stress Management

Sitting for long periods of time + unmanaged stress are some of the leading causes associated with decreased work performance and poor health.

Yoga, breathing exercises + meditation are amazing tools that help to improve focus and lower stress levels.

This nourishing 8-week, self-led, online program helps you reduce stress and heal from potential burnout. Enjoy practicing Spa Yoga + guided breathwork at your own pace, while you create a routine that is most supportive to YOU and fits your schedule with ease :)

Journey Through Grief

This gentle 8-week, self-led, online program helps you navigate grief with grace and ease – at your own pace :). The tools shared are simple + accessible, so you are set-up for success. They include grounding breathwork, movement, somatic processing techniques and more! They are the tools that have been THE MOST impactful in my life + my journey with grief.

Learn tools to help you reduce feelings of anxiety + overwhelm; to move through waves of yearning or deep saddness; to process waves of anger or guilt AND how to shift your mindset from fear back to love as you gently re-establish your connection with your heart.

The RELEASE: Emotional Regulation

This is the EPIC online, self-led program that teaches you how to ease-fully + confidently process “big” or “heavy” emotions so you feel balanced, stable and more relaxed in your life.

The program includes both grounding and cleansing breathwork practices + a few somatic release tools to help you BE your truest, most aligned self! 

Including 1 year access to the material in the program, this program is perfect for YOU, if you like to learn at your own pace AND desire to feel more at ease + balanced in your life.

I am so grateful for Edie’s offerings! When COVID lockdowns first started, Edie’s virtual yoga classes helped me establish a regular self care routine rooted in mindfulness. I have since attended her retreats and classes in person, as well as several virtual group sessions over the past 3 years. I leave every event feeling grounded, energized and empowered. I cannot recommend her resources enough!

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Choose from 1-on-1 Spa Yoga, Breathwork + Meditation Sessions, a Deep Dive Coaching Session and/ or a VIP Day – all tailored to meet YOUR desires :)

A VIP day is a transformative soul-nourishing day with Edie (10am – 4pm) where you learn:

  • how to easily + effectively process stress
  • shift past mental blocks + fear that are keeping you stuck, burnt out or holding you back from the life you desire
  • basics of nervous system regulation (feeling at ease + confident in your life / choices)

It’s comprised of a morning session that includes guided somatic practices, breathwork + coaching; a catered lunch, and then an afternoon session at the Spa where you get to enjoy rest and peacefully integrate the morning sessions.

1-on-1 Spa Yoga Sessions + 1-on-1 Breathwork + Meditation Sessions are designed to meet your health and wellness goals so you feel rested, recalibrated and rejuvenated in your life :)

The Deep Dive Coaching session includes:

  • A discussion about your Wellness desires / goals (ex: reducing stress + improving sleep quality)
  • An actionable + simple Wellness plan designed with you, that easily weaves into your life for you to enjoy each day 
  • A guided practice that can include: Mindfulness Coaching, Somatic release techniques (gentle movement, myofascial release + Spa Yoga), Breathwork + Meditation

A 30 minute follow-up session (a “check-in”) is included in this option. It is typically scheduled 3 weeks after the Deep Dive Coaching Session :)


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