The transformative 6 month group Stress Management program for female leaders.

Learn how to reduce stress, heal from chronic stress, avoid or recover from burnout, process heavy emotions + create a powerful mindset, so YOU live your most expansive life.

Simple. Supportive. Stress-free.


✓  Feeling peaceful, free + at ease in your life

✓   Being present in each moment + connected with your loved ones

✓  Having tools to manage + reduce stress (and process fear, anger or sadness) in the moment

✓  Feeling GOOD most of the time + confident in the decisions you make

✓  Having time for YOU without feeling guilt or shame for prioritizing YOU

✓  Feeling rested, inspired and LOVING your life


…and HAVING someone give you the tools and guidance so you LIVE that way NOW…

Here’s the thing

many women feel stressed out + exhausted because…

  • They’re unaware of the simple tools to support them through times of stress + immense change
  • They uphold the unrealistic facade of being perfect, cool, calm and collected instead of human
  • They don’t know they can change their present reality through their thoughts + simple Mindfulness practices
  • They attach their worth to productivity + achievements which keeps they forever striving and pushing ahead
  • They fear feeling their emotions will make them seem weak or crazy (not to be trusted)
  • They lack confidence to safely process their emotions so they supress them and then use work, food, alcohol, tv, sex, etc. as distractions to avoid feeling them
  • They forget to tap into gratitude and miss the abundance present in every single moment
  • They build walls around their heart to stay “safe”… which leads to greater feelings of friction, disconnection, unhappiness and stress

And in some cases, it costs them their health, relationships, career + their power.

And It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way


Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Edie!

I’m the founder of Edie Gudaitis Wellness.

Prior to Wellness, I worked in the Corporate world. I juggled shifting deadlines and changing expectations, worked out all the time, ate super healthy, volunteered for a non-profit and socialized every weekend. I was always pushing myself to do that 10% more – stuck in the grip of a perfectionist mindset. Within 2 years, I was burnt out. I quickly learned two lessons: if your career is not in alignment with your heart, nothing you “do” will feel fulfilling or adequate AND if you don’t listen to the signals of your body to slow down and rest… you won’t be able to sustain your career and your health + wellbeing will suffer.

So to heal my body + mind and better undertand the desires of my heart, I quit my job, moved out of the city and set off to learn everything I could about Mindset, Mindfulness, Nervous System Regulation, Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation.

Life threw me MANY curveballs as I made the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship – you can learn more about my journey with burnout, loss, massive injury + more in “One Decision Away” – the bestselling book that I co-authored in 2023 🙂


Long story short, as a result of my simple + consistent mindfulness and movement routine, and powerful mindset tools – I became more resilient, confident and at ease in myself – with a deep sense of wholeness – and a new mindset rooted in gratitude and self-trust –> despite the massive curveballs and significant changes in my life. And people started to acknowledge my transformation and ask advice to navigate their own life…

So I pulled together all the tools + practices that supported my transformation and helped me feel EMPOWERED, AT EASE and JOYFUL once again… and created a proven method that teaches YOU how to PROCESS STRESS so you LIVE your most authentic + expansive life 🙂

I’m SO excited + honoured to guide you on your journey to balance, peace and wholeness.

Who I Work With

Powerful Female Leaders: 


Female entrepreneurs who are mom’s, who feel stressed / burnt out, desire a different way of living and want to feel present, balanced, at ease + most ALIVE


Female corporate leaders who are mom’s, who feel stressed / burnt out, know there’s a better way to live and seek tools to cultivate calm + feel most ALIVE

Why I’m Different

  • I get how you are feeling. I see you. I have navigated IMMENSE stress, burnout + change – and – I now feel connected, at ease and in flow with my life… and YOU WILL TOO

  • I teach you how to listen to + trust your body, regulate your nervous system, interrupt your stress responses and release emotions in present time, so you feel at ease in your body

  • see your limiting beliefs AND I see the simplest way for you to find ease and confidence in your life

  • I inspire you to SEE the immense possibility, choice and power you have in every moment of your life

  • I teach you how to release subconscious blocks + attachments that are prolonging your feelings of stress + burnout

  • I am 100% results-driven – I care deeply about your inner fulfillment and holistic transformation


Step  1

Gain Clarity in Your Mind

Your mindset is the foundation to everything that you do. You might not be aware of it yet, but YOU create your reality through the thoughts you CHOOSE to believe. You create your joy and your stress… your thoughts drive your actions that influence your current experience and the future YOU are stepping into… it’s WHY Mindset is the foundation of our work together. Over the 6 months together you will deepen your self-awareness and develop a more mindful way of living. And, you’ll learn transformative practices anchored in Yoga, Somatics, breathwork, neuroplasticity + more, to FREE yourself from stress, fear and overwhelm so you CAN BE who you truly are – AND – feel good and at ease in your life 🙂

Step  2

Reconnect with the Wisdom of Your Body

Re-establishing connection, safety + trust in your body is essential for reducing stress, healing from burnout, navigating change and feeling GOOD within your life. It’s WHY we start each session with a “check in” with your body and your breath. Starting each session together (and each day) in a calm and present mental state helps you BE more mindful (responsive vs. reactive) during the day. It is easy to slip into old thought patterns or reactions when you do not have the accountability of these practices + a coach to support you – our weekly 1-1 session keeps you in alignment with the greatest version you see for yourself.

Step  3

Tap into the Power of Your Soul

Your heart is one of the greatest intelligence centres in your body. It is your inner compass, knows your greater purpose and the direction of your life. Your heart can inform your thoughts and choices vs. your mind, offering you deep peace in body and mind. Using heart coherence meditation, somatic release, breathwork and/or Spa Yoga in our weekly sessions, you’ll learn how to access + harness your deepest knowing – helping you shift from doing to being; from forcing to flowing; from grasping to attracting.

Over the 6 months together,  you’ll learn ways to simply + powerfully process stress, emotions + limiting beliefs in the moment, so you feel most connected, confident and at peace within yourself… and aligned with the impact YOU are HERE to make 🙂


Please note:

This is a snapshot of the weekly tools + practices you will receive. Everything shared with you is anchored in Mindfulness, Neuroplasticity, Mindset work + Somatic Release AND paired with my own life experiences to bring your WHOLE self (mind, body, soul) back into balance.

Reduce stress.

Feel Confident.

Live with ease. 

What client’s say about working with me:


I am so grateful for Edie’s offerings! After years of working in a corporate office environment, the abrupt shift to working from home due to COVID left me feeling stressed, disconnected and burnt out. Edie helped me create an accessible self-care ritual of yoga + meditation with a focus on mindfulness, self- compassion and restoration. Her meditations help bring peace and quiet into my busy work day, while her yoga classes help me feel grounded, energized and balanced. I cannot recommend her offerings enough – especially for anyone looking for a solution to the burn out brought by the 9 to 5 grind. 

Sam Driscoll, Writing Agent

I always wanted to do Yoga and Mindfulness practices, but I didn’t know where to start. With everything included in Edie’s “Recharge”program, it felt like a great fit. After week one, I noticed a shift in my mindset. By week three, I found myself applying mindfulness teachings to everyday life, which allowed me to better cope with my anxiety + stress. And I loved how the program allowed me to practice at my own pace and frequency. Edie provided me with the knowledge and tools to focus on what is most important in my life; my body and mind.

Vittoria Di’Mario, Account Manager


I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying both yoga and meditation sessions with Edie. I love that she really takes time to curate her classes to suit the needs and comfort of her students. Participating in her Monday morning meditation session at my workplace was a great way to start my week. I noticed I felt more calm throughout the day and more focused in my work – compared to days that I did not meditate in the morning. Having access to yoga at the office, was wonderful as well. I always left her sessions feeling grounded and peaceful. Edie’s classes are a lovely way to show yourself and your team some self-care.

Carly Gouweloos, Director

I’ve taken many of Edie’s classes over the last year, and she has been integral to the improvement of my health and well-being.  When my mental health was at an all time low, her support and guidance through yoga and meditation classes were an opportunity for me to find lightness and strength.  Her expertise and zen is very calming and warm, and her guidance is always gentle.  Edie focuses on the individual needs for each person, offering many modifications dependent on the participant’s abilities and personal needs.  I leave each class feeling my soul and body refreshed and softened.  My mental and physical health have both greatly improved in the time that I’ve known and worked with her.  Thanks Edie!  

Laura Conning, Sales & Design Consultant


Working with Edie has provided me with an inspiring example of what can happen when your mind, body and soul are aligned. She embodies all that she teaches and strives for. Through participating in her yoga and meditation classes and one-on-one coaching sessions, I have developed a stronger sense of self, a library of resources and a sense of community.  I will always be grateful to her for her encouragement and support when navigating a challenging time in my life.

Lauren Buss, Project Manager

Edie’s instructions in the yoga and meditation videos were clear and concise. I left each session feeling grounded and relaxed. I loved how the weekly mindfulness tips & journal prompts were immediately applicable to my work and personal life.

Alex Pecsenye, Admin Assistant

My body, mind and heart are feeling so much lighter after these six weeks of practice! I’m looking forward to being able to use some of the postures in my daily life to release tension from my hips and low back… Thank you again for taking so much time with me around modifications to make it feel safe and comfortable for me to join, I am so grateful!

Casey Mosco, Social Worker

“Edie came to me in November 2020 proposing a corporate health and wellness program for our staff and partners at Baker Tilly.  We are now in year 2 practicing weekly Yoga + Meditation with Edie and have not looked back!  Thank you Edie for teaching us that we can and should take an hour for ourselves a couple of times per week, even when we are busy or stressed out.”

Sue Bragg, Partner, Baker Tilly

What’s included in RECALIBRATE

“RECALIBRATE” is the transformative 6 month group Stress Management program for Female Leaders. Learn how to reduce stress, heal from or avoid burnout AND reconnect with the wisdom you embody, so you feel free and at ease within yourself + empowered to LIVE your most authentic life 🙂


1 x 30 Minute 1-1 Session with Edie at start of the program

2 x 30 Minute Group Meditation Session each week

1 x 60 Minute Group Coaching Session each week

1 x 60 Minute Group Breathwork + Yoga Session each month

1 x VIP Coaching Day with Edie to enjoy within the 6 month period

Mon – Fri support in a private Whatsapp chat

Complimentary access to one of the 1 day retreats offered within the 6 months. *

*If you are not local to the location of the retreats, you are responsible for covering flights and accomodations.
* VIP rate for 7 day retreats (international locations).

Access to the transformative online programs: “RECHARGE” + ” The RELEASE” that include simple + effective tools to help you reduce stress, regulate your nervous system and process heavy emotions with ease


Powerful weekly practices + resources

If sessions are via Zoom, recordings are available from each session

+ more 🙂

Investment for 6 months: $8,888 + tax


Price is CAD. Payment plan options are available – please advise your preference.

Ready to join RECALIBRATE?

Questions? Great 🙂 Please send me an email at:


Let’s get you some answers.

When does “RECALIBRATE” start?

June 3, 2024. It is currently open for enrolment. It goes until mid December. We take a 2 week break in August for summer vacations. Edie is available on Whatsapp during the break + you have access to the onine programs to support you 🙂

When are the calls with Edie?

MON at 7:00am – Meditation Session. WED at 1:00pm – Group Coaching Call. FRI at 7:00am – Gentle movement + Meditation. The “Breathwork + Spa Yoga” session is on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm and it’s 75min. *All times are EST

Is Yoga + Breathwork experience required?

Nope! This program is designed to meet you where you are at. It is effective for all Female Leaders who are committed to changing their life. All content is simple + accessible, tailored to meet your specific needs 🙂

Why is it 6 months?

To heal from stress, burnout + big life changes, it takes time. The nervous system is not about quick fixes. Creating + following a sustainable wellness routine is key to improving your health, mindset, relationships + career performance.

What Are You Waiting For?

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