“Our practice of cultivating stillness
is just as important to our growth
as our momentum is

We say we want to change
and so
we must take the time to stop
and ask the questions

What’s working?
What’s blocking?
Where can I let go
and make room
for what’s making its way to me?

It’s never too late
to push pause
disrupt the plan
or choose an entirely new path.”
– Danielle Doby

Practicing stillness; taking time to pause, connecting with your body + your breath and reflecting on your journey are key components of Mindful Living.

Stillness allows you to tune in to the wisdom of your body – your ever present guidance system. Practicing stillness may initially feel uncomfortable or like you’re wasting time. Different realizations may surface nudging you to make a change in your life. Old fears or judgements might get louder attempting to distract you from the practice. Those feelings + thoughts are totally normal – and – that’s when you stay present, breathe + let go of the limiting thoughts.

The more you slow down + tune in, the greater your self-awareness, self-trust + ability to adapt to change, and grow.

Some of my favourite ways to tune into my body + prepare for stillness are:

1. Connect with my senses: list 3 things I can see, hear and touch

2. Stretch / move my body (yoga is great for this)

3. Find a comfortable position – seated, standing or laying down

4. Take 3 long deep cleansing breaths 

Practicing stillness is a deeply healing and soothing practice. It can be for 2 minutes when you’re sitting in the car (parked). It can be for 15 minutes when you wake up or before you go to sleep.

The practice of stillness is totally personal to you. The main thing is to practice.

For meditations to help you practice stillness, click here.