Have you been thinking about trying yoga? If so, you’ll be in good company. People of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, races, backgrounds, and even fitness levels practice yoga, for any one if not all of its purported benefits.

And just what are the benefits of yoga for everyone, you ask? Let’s take a look!

Yoga Increases Strength and Flexibility

Isn’t it amazing how some yoga practitioners can hold their bodies in intricate poses? That’s because doing yoga on a regular basis is a great way to tone and limber up your body.

There is certainly an emphasis on strengthening up your core as it necessary to support yourself and maintain the different poses. And then in terms of flexibility, you’ll find that with each breath you can sink deeper and deeper into your stretches.

Now, it may take some time to tap into enough strength and flexibility to get into some of the more advanced poses, but the more you practice, the sooner you’ll get there.

Yoga Relieves Stress

Paying attention to your breath is essential when practicing yoga. When you’re concentrating on taking full, deep breaths, you can help relax your parasympathetic nervous system, which can help relieve feelings of tension and anxiety.

This mind-body practice allows you to slow down and really focus on the relationship between your mental and physical experiences. It emphasizes being present in the moment and not allowing stressful or anxiety-inducing feelings to take control.

Yoga Can Be Practiced Whenever, Wherever

While having a mat can certainly make things more comfortable, you really only need your body and a little bit of space to practice yoga. This means you can do it at home, outside, in a hotel room, and even at the office.

Once you’ve started doing yoga, no matter where you go or what time it is, you have no excuse not to get in a good mind-body workout!

Yoga is Noncompetitive and Nonjudgmental

You’d be hard-pressed to find any yoga competitions in your area. That’s because, unlike some other exercises or sports, yoga is noncompetitive. There’s no need to compare your yoga practice to that of others because it’s a personal journey. While there may be some basic guidelines to follow for each pose, there is also a lot of leeway, as yoga is about listening to your body and any of its limitations.

If you’re in a class with others who are more advanced than you, then you should take some comfort in knowing that not only are they not competing with you, but they’re also not judging you and your progress. Yoga practitioners know that yoga is a personal experience, so you shouldn’t be afraid of any kind of judgment from your classmates.

There are Yoga Classes for Everyone

There are many different kinds of yoga classes out there, so it shouldn’t be too difficult finding one that suits your needs. If you’re unsure of where to start, try one kind of class and go from there!

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