The 90 day Mindfulness Program for career driven women 

Simple. Sustainable. Stress-free.


✓  Feeling at ease + confident in the decisions you make

✓  Falling asleep easily + feeling energized and present during the day

✓  Feeling mentally clear + less anxious

✓  Easily relaxing without the guilt of  “not being productive enough” 

✓  Navigating challenges + change with grace 

✓  Having healthy boundaries and LOVING your life 

…and NOT having to find any of the tools yourself, complicating your routine, or adding extra stress to your day


Here’s the thing

most career-driven women hit burnout because…

  • They don’t listen to signals their body is sending them to slow down + rest


  • They don’t set or uphold boundaries at work or in their personal life 


  • They don’t see Mindfulness as “productive” or supportive to their busy schedule


  • They lack consistent routine which leads to negative self-talk AND feeling out of balance


  • They focus on intense workout routines and/or restrictive nutrition plans that push them past exhaustion + lead to setbacks and feelings of defeat

Eventually, some women hit burnout – they lose connection with who they are, what they want or why they even started working in their industry (or at their firm) in the first place. My heart truly goes out to them. Being mentally, physically and emotionally drained sucks. 

And It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way


Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Edie!

I’m the founder of Edie Gudaitis Wellness and the RECHARGE program. I know how it feels to love the work you do, yet feel disconnected from your life due to complete exhaustion and burnout.

When I worked in the Corporate world, 50+ hour work weeks was the norm. I juggled shifting deadlines and changing expectations, worked out + took power flow yoga classes 4x week, ate super healthy, volunteered for a non-profit and socialized every weekend. I was always pushing myself to do that 10% more – stuck in the grip of a perfectionist mindset – totally unaware that my sleep issues were due to stress + anxiety, or that my depletion at work was from poor personal boundaries. Within 2 years, I hit burnout. I quickly learned two valuable lessons: if you don’t create boundaries in your life AND if you don’t listen to the signals of your body to slow down and restyou won’t be able to sustain your career and your health + wellbeing will suffer.

So I quit my job, moved out of the city and set off to learn everything I could about nervous system regulation, stress + anxiety management, positive psychology AND mindfulness. Yoga, Psychotherapy, Meditation, Journaling + Reflection and Mindfulness, became my focus.

As a result of a simple + consistent Mindfulness routine, I became more resilient, confident and LESS anxious than I’d ever felt – with a new mindset rooted in self-trust. And people started to acknowledge my transformation and ask advice to reduce stress, navigate change and shift their thinking…

So I pulled together all the tools that supposrted my transformation and created a program that teaches YOU how to uplevel + expand YOUR life. And that is how RECHARGE was born!

Who I Work With

I have found that my program works best for these two groups of people: 


Career driven women who are thriving at work, yet feel stressed out and are looking to create more balance between their professional + personal life


Ambitious business women who enjoy their work, yet are on the brink of burnout + feel anxious, less confident and unfulfilled with their daily routine

Why I’m Different

  • I see people’s limiting beliefs AND I see the simplest way for them to find joy, balance and ease in their life

  • I empower you to SEE the immense possibility, choice and power you have in every moment of your life

  • ​I teach you how to establish boundaries, listen to + trust your body, regulate your nervous system, interrupt your stress responses and release stress from your mind and body, so you don’t hit burnout

  • I teach you mindset hacks to help you unlock whatever blocks are keeping you stuck in the past – so you can easily shift from an anxious thought spiral to a positive one rooted in love, trust and abundance

  • I am 100% results-driven – you get support from me AND lifetime access to the material

  • I care deeply about your inner fulfillment and holistic transformation

  • Anddd I ensure your routine is SUSTAINABLE + SIMPLE to best align with your daily schedule so you don’t lose consistency and return to old patterns

How Recharge Works

Step 1

Get Clear On Your Goals

Here we’ll assess how you’re feeling mentally, physically and emotionally. We’ll look at your daily routine and evaluate what’s working + what needs to change, so you feel clear on what your life looks and feels like 6 months from now.

Step 2

Shatter Limiting Beliefs

Once we know where we’re going, we can release what’s no longer serving us + keeping us feeling stuck. We’ll get to the core of what is making you feel stressed, anxious and out of balance. You’ll learn how to reframe your thinking so you see possibility vs. roadblocks AND feel more confident in yourself and in the choices you make.

Step 3

Mindfulness Toolkit Unleashed

Gain exclusive access to simple, tangible, transformative tools that you can EASILY incorporate into your daily + weekly schedule. This Toolkit includes: gentle stretch yoga videos, guided meditations, journal prompts, mindfulness tips, breathing exercises, nutritious snack ideas, affirmations and more!

Step 4

Create A Daily Routine You LOVE

Here we’ll assess how you’re feeling mentally, physically and emotionally. We’ll look at your daily routine and evaluate what’s working + what needs to change, so you feel clear on what your life looks and feels like 6 months from now.

Step 5

Feel At EASE In ALL Areas Of Your Life

Here we’ll assess how you’re feeling mentally, physically and emotionally. We’ll look at your daily routine and evaluate what’s working + what needs to change, so you feel clear on what your life looks and feels like 6 months from now.

Reduce stress.

Increase performance.

Enhance your life.

Recharge Results

I always wanted to do Yoga and Mindfulness practices, but I didn’t know where to start. With everything included in “Recharge”, it felt like a great fit. After week one, I noticed a shift in my mindset. The yoga practice helped me to physically relax, while the journal prompts and reflections helped me cultivate more self-awareness. By week three, I found myself applying mindfulness teachings to everyday life, which allowed me to better cope with my anxiety + stress. As I work in a corporate environment, I find it’s easy for me to become engulfed in my job… so  I loved how the program allowed me to practice at my own pace and frequency. “Recharge” provided me with the knowledge and tools to focus on what is most important in my life; my body and mind.

Vittoria Di’Mario, Account Manager


I am so grateful for Edie’s offerings! After years of working in a corporate office environment, the abrupt shift to working from home due to COVID left me feeling stressed, disconnected and burnt out. Edie helped me create an accessible self-care ritual of yoga + meditation with a focus on mindfulness, self- compassion and restoration. Her meditations help bring peace and quiet into my busy work day, while her yoga classes help me feel grounded, energized and balanced. I cannot recommend her offerings enough – especially for anyone looking for a solution to the burn out brought by the 9 to 5 grind.  

Sam Driscoll, Writing Agent

“Recharge” was time for self-care and restoration I looked forward to each week. The flexibility of choosing when to do the practices, accessibility of tools and the quality of the content made it a stand out program. I left each Yoga + Meditation session feeling relaxed and grounded. The mindfulness tools included in the program were great to help cultivate more self-awareness. By the end of week 4, I noticed that I felt better in mind + body and more focused in my work. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to avoid burnout + reduce stress in their work + personal life.

Julia Saracino, HR Manager


I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying both yoga and meditation sessions with Edie. I love that she really takes time to curate her classes to suit the needs and comfort of her students. Participating in her Monday morning meditation session at my workplace was a great way to start my week. I noticed I felt more calm throughout the day and more focused in my work – compared to days that I did not meditate in the morning. Having access to yoga at the office, was wonderful as well. I always left her sessions feeling grounded and peaceful. Edie’s classes are a lovely way to show yourself and your team some self-care.

Carly Gouweloos, Director

I’ve taken many of Edie’s classes over the last year, and she has been integral to the improvement of my health and well-being.  When my mental health was at an all time low, her support and guidance through yoga and meditation classes were an opportunity for me to find lightness and strength.  Her expertise and zen is very calming and warm, and her guidance is always gentle.  Edie focuses on the individual needs for each person, offering many modifications dependent on the participant’s abilities and personal needs.  I leave each class feeling my soul and body refreshed and softened.  My mental and physical health have both greatly improved in the time that I’ve known and worked with her.  Thanks Edie!  

Laura Conning, Sales & Design Consultant


Edie’s instructions in the yoga and meditation videos were clear and concise. I left each session feeling grounded and relaxed. I loved how the weekly mindfulness tips & journal prompts were immediately applicable to my work and personal life.

Alex Pecsenye, Admin Assistant

I feel like the flow and “build up” between postures at the beginning of the yoga class warmed up my body in the best way today – really great sequencing. You can tell you’ve really educated yourself on how to instruct, I’ve never had such great leadership in a yoga class. I believe in the “10,000 hours to become an expert” at something, so I’m sure you’ve surpassed that!! I really loved the side stretch where the back leg kind of stretched off the side of the mat – wow!!! Best way to start my day!

Madeline Della Mora, Marketing Specialist

My body, mind and heart are feeling so much lighter after these six weeks of practice! I’m looking forward to being able to use some of the postures in my daily life to release tension from my hips and low back… Thank you again for taking so much time with me around modifications to make it feel safe and comfortable for me to join, I am so grateful!

Casey Mosco, Social Worker

“Edie came to me in November 2020 proposing a corporate health and wellness program for our staff and partners at Baker Tilly.  We are now in year 2 practicing weekly Yoga + Meditation with Edie and have not looked back!  Thank you Edie for teaching us that we can and should take an hour for ourselves a couple of times per week, even when we are busy or stressed out.”

Sue Bragg, Partner, Baker Tilly

What’s included in Recharge

Recharge is a 90-day, high touch, 1-on-1 coaching + group coaching Mindfulness program that gives you EPIC support and love to help you achieve your specific goals in a way that easily aligns with your busy schedule.


9 x 1 Hour 1-on-1 Coaching Calls

3 x 1 Hour Group Coaching Calls

Voxer 1-on-1 Support Between Calls

Access to the Mindfulness Toolkit that includes:

Guided Meditations, Gentle Stretch Yoga Videos, Breathing Exercises, Journal Prompts,
Affirmations, Gratitude Check-ins, Mindfulness Tips, Nutritious Recipes + More

Want to work together?

Click the button below to book a Discovery Call with me. On the call, I’ll get to know you, ask some questions about your Mindfulness journey, and learn about your goals.

At the end of our call, 1 of 2 things will happen:

You’ll either be a perfect fit, and I will extend an invitation to work with me as one of my clients… 

Or, if it’s not a good fit, that’s totally okay too. There won’t be any hard feelings and NO obligations on your part — I will suggest something else you can do to achieve your goals, and point you in the right direction.


Let’s get you some answers.

When does Recharge start?

The next cohort for RECHARGE begins September 2022 and runs for 3 months. You gain access to Module 1 of the Mindfulness Toolkit and have a 1-on-1 call with me where we outline your goals + address habits you want to change, to set you up for success. Our biweekly calls keep you accountable to your routine + help you stay motivated.

When are my calls with Edie?

Your 1-on-1 calls with Edie are weekly. These 9 calls are 1 hour each. The date + time is decided between you two. The group calls are every 4 weeks and there are 3 group calls total. These calls are 1 hours each. 

I’m pretty new to Mindfulness. Can I still join?

Of course! This program is designed to meet you where you are. The yoga videos are open to all levels + the meditations and breathing exercises range from 3 – 15 minutes. And I offer support on the calls + on Voxer, so you’re not left to figure it out by yourself.

What Are You Waiting For?