Yoga has taught (and continues to teach) me about Mindfulness. Stillness. Truth. Love. Freedom.


The word “Yoga” means “to yoke” (union) – it connects us to ourselves and the world around us. It helps remind us we are all whole exactly as we are… that we are all enough. 


To me, yoga is a highly transformative and sacred practice. It is an intimate and embodied experience where feelings, thoughts and sensations arise and shift in my body, mind and spirit as pranayama (breath work), asana (movement) and dhyana (meditation) are woven together throughout each yoga class. I’ve come to learn that when I begin and end a yoga practice I am altered in some way. It’s a really neat feeling. 


Over the past decade, yoga has become much more than a physical work-out to create strength and flexibility in my body. Yoga has helped me find space in my thoughts, cultivate more patience and calm in my life, and it’s helped me access and release mental and emotional experiences stored and imprinted in my muscles. As a result of this increased awareness, I’ve become more conscious of toxic habits and thought patterns. I’ve cultivated courage to address them and I’ve been able to change them, release them and heal parts of myself. 


I see yoga is like a mirror. It helps me see who I am and how my life is in the present moment. It challenges me to accept my reality, to be present in my body in this moment and to stay curious to my life journey. The teachings from my yoga practice has become a way of life: how I navigate change, how I live my life and how I show up in my relationships. 


It truly has helped me to “wake up” to my life and show up for myself. It’s help me to fully embody patience, love and compassion. It’s helped me navigate great challenges and loss, as well as great triumphs. 


Yoga and other mindfulness practices can literally change your life – if you are open to the possibility.


From awareness comes acceptance and accountability. From acceptance and accountability comes action. From action comes change and transformation.


Are you ready?