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Facilitation at Retreats + Events, leading Workshops and Speaking about Stress, Change + Resilience, are some of my favouite things to share 🙂

Are you hosting an event and seeking an amazing person to guide your attendees through a Movement, Breathwork or Guided Meditation Session?

Or perhaps, you’re seeking a passionate Facilitator to educate + empower your clients (or teams) on Stress Management?

Or perhaps, you’re on the search for a brilliant Speaker at your next event… someone who inspires + uplifts your attendees while speaking about “Navigating Stress, Embracing Change + Building Resilience”?

You’ve come to the right place – please book a call with me to chat further 🙂

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying both Spa Yoga and Meditation sessions with Edie.
I love that she really takes time to curate her sessions to suit the needs and comfort of her clients. I always left her sessions feeling grounded and peaceful. Edie’s offerings are a lovely way to show yourself and your clients, community or team, some self-care.

Carly G (Thought Sanctuary)

Try a class on Youtube

Try a free Spa Yoga class, Guided Meditation + Breathwork Meditation session on Youtube. Sessions range from 30 – 75 minutes and are great for all levels.

All you need is a quite space to practice and room to stretch out. Enjoy 🙂

“The Stress DETOX Podcast”

The Stress DETOX Podcast is my new podcast, ALL about how to reduce stress + self-regulate so you feel AMAZING, confident and at ease in yourself and in your life, everyday 🙂

Gain a better understanding of stress + tools to navigate it and reduce it, so you feel GOOD now.

From awareness comes acceptance and accountability. From acceptance and accountability comes action, change and transformation. From transformation comes freedom + joy.

Edie Gudaitis

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