Yoga is about far more than handstands, cool arm balances and deep back bends. Yoga is not like a fitness class; it does not solely focus on mobility, strength and flexibility. Yoga is a powerful mindfulness tool, which can help to create inner peace + be a guide to a healthier and more balanced way of life.

It is a sacred and transformative practice that connects mind + body + spirit. It is called a “practice” as it is a place to learn and explore more aspects of ourselves. The learning, the curiosity, the commitment to our growth, never ends.

The benefits of yoga are evolutionary; they include:

  • Reduced stress + anxiety
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased focus + mental clarity
  • Increased mobility + flexibility + strength
  • Enhanced immune system

What is a yoga class

with Edie Gudaitis Wellness like?

My yoga classes vary in pace and complexity. Currently, they are more of a gentle flow. Intentional and fluid sequencing links breath to movement, creating heat within the body and focus in the mind. The classes end with cooling restorative poses that help guide students into a more relaxed state. Each class includes core strengthening, twists, inversions, balancing postures and back bends. Every sequence is carefully crafted to stretch and strengthen the physical and subtle body, while also focusing on safe posture alignment and the importance of breath. I am a huge proponent for props and modifications, which makes my classes accessible to all levels and new students.

Through my yoga classes, I seek to help yoga students feel more empowered in their life, connected to their truth and balanced in their body and mind.

Private 1-on-1 Session

These 1-1 classes are tailored to your needs, interests, and skill level. You get a thoughtfully crafted weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly yoga or meditation practice.

Perfect for people: new to yoga or meditation, treating injuries, looking to deepen their practice

Private Group Session

In-person and online classes are held live throughout the year. Check out our calendar for upcoming times, dates, and schedules. 

Perfect for: anyone looking to develop resilience, or recover from injury or pain

Close your eyes

take a deep breath, and
dream with me for a minute…

What if you:

✓ Fell asleep quickly and slept deeply every night?

✓ Remained calm under pressure?

✓ Felt in control of your own life and goals?

✓ Were certain of your purpose in life?

✓ No longer reacted to challenging situations with anger or frustration?

✓ Had time in your day for the small things that bring you joy?

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices can help make these dreams your reality. When you develop your self-awareness, build your self-compassion, and bring things back into alignment… all of this and more is totally possible.

Edie’s yoga classes are amazing. She always ensures proper alignment in each pose and connection with the breath. Her classes are slower paced making them very accessible. If you’re looking to stretch, slow down and relax, check them out.

Marie, Photographer

Yoga does not just change

the way we see things,

it transforms the person who sees.

– BKS Iyengar


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