Stress Management

for your Employees

Did you know that Employee Wellness Programs that include Stress Management Workshops + Mindfulness practices (Yoga, breathwork + meditation) can help save YOU millions of dollars AND improve team productivity?

Yes, you read that correctly – after implementing an Employee Wellness Program that included Mindfulness AND Yoga, one organization reported over $6 million dollars in savings from health care costs (an ROI of 11 to 1) within one year alone.

It also helps to save YOU money on employee turnover. When employees feel respected and supported, they are less likely to leave. Depending on the role of employee, turnover can cost an organization anywhere from 1.5 – 2 x  the salary amount ($12,000 to $200,000 +)  of each employee that leaves the firm.

Bottom line: YOU need to make Stress Management Workshops + Mindfulness a standard part of your operations.

The benefits of yoga, breathwork and meditation are vast:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety + pain
  • Increased self-awareness, focus + mental clarity
  • Enhanced immune system

Which means…

  • More productive employees
  • Less sick days, stress leave + employee turnover
  • A calmer, happier, more connected workplace

Over the past couple of years, our staff have had the pleasure of participating in Edie’s corporate wellness workshops, yoga classes and meditation sessions. From the very first session, Edie’s warm and inviting personality created a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of their experience.

Edie’s expertise extends beyond yoga + meditation; she incorporates thoughtful discussions on stress management, mindfulness, and overall well-being. Her insightful guidance has not only improved our team’s physical health but has also fostered a positive and supportive atmosphere in the workplace.

I highly recommend Edie to any organization looking to invest in the well-being of their employees. Her passion for holistic wellness, combined with her exceptional teaching skills, make her an invaluable asset to any corporate wellness program.

Shannon Phillips (Tatham Engineering)

Your employees need a

Wellness Program if

They are tired of…

Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, disconnected from thier work + peers, chronically sick or burnout

They dream of…

Working for an organization that values their happiness, health and mental well being

You’re ready to…

Increase productivity, reduce sick leave + create a joyful, engaging and positive workplace


Overview of

Workshops + Sessions:

You invite your employees and provide an open, quiet space for them to participate in the workshop (if it is in-person). 

I show up – in-person or on Zoom – and facilitate an engaging, inspiring + transformative workshop for your teams.

The Stress Management Workshop is interactive + relaxing. Using simple, powerful tools employees learn ways to lower stress and anxiety in the moment – at work + in everyday life – so they feel happier, more productive and calm.

If you add a 45 minute Spa Yoga + breathwork session to your package – the session is either in person or on Zoom and targets the key areas stress is held in the body helping your employees to release tension in body and mind and feel more at ease as they flow into the rest of their day.

ALL offerings are tailored to the specific needs of your team. 

Reduce burnout. Improve mental health. Increase productivity. 

Do You Want

engaged, healthy, productive employees?


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