Stress Management

for your Employees

Did you know that Employee Wellness Programs that include Stress Management Workshops + Mindfulness practices (Yoga, breathwork + meditation) can help save YOU millions of dollars AND improve team productivity?

Yes, you read that correctly – after implementing an Employee Wellness Program that included Mindfulness AND Yoga, one organization reported over $6 million dollars in savings from health care costs (an ROI of 11 to 1) within one year alone.

It also helps to save YOU money on employee turnover. When employees feel respected and supported, they are less likely to leave. Depending on the role of employee, turnover can cost an organization anywhere from 1.5 – 2 x  the salary amount ($12,000 to $200,000 +)  of each employee that leaves the firm.

Bottom line: YOU need to make Stress Management Workshops + Mindfulness a standard part of your operations.

The benefits of yoga, breathwork and meditation are vast:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety + pain
  • Increased self-awareness, focus + mental clarity
  • Enhanced immune system

Which means…

  • More productive employees
  • Less sick days, stress leave + employee turnover
  • A calmer, happier, more connected workplace

Employee Yoga, Breath + Meditation Sessions

Sitting for long periods of time + unmanaged stress are some of the leading causes associated with decreased work performance and poor health.

Yoga, breathing exercises + meditation are amazing tools that help to improve focus and lower stress levels.

Incorporating a monthly yoga, breathwork + meditation practice in your workplace employee wellness can help your employees feel better, work smarter, and be more present in their lives.

Stress Management Workshops

Mental health issues are on the rise affecting employee wellness. Having tools to manage anxiety + reduce stress are essential right now. Studies show that many are on the brink of burnout, just hanging on.

Hosting a quarterly Stress Management Workshop for your team is a great way to support their wellbeing, learn tools to help shift mindset + cultivate self-awareness, AND learn practices to help reduce anxiety + navigate stress.

Self-led Online Programs


Choose from 3 powerful programs that help employee wellness:

  • reduce stress + tension
  • process grief
  • reguate your emotions

Including 1 year access to the material in each program, these online offerings are perfect for employees wanting to move at their own pace, excel in thier career AND feel more at ease + balanced in their life.


Good mental and physical health is incredibly important for entrepreneurs. Edie put together a custom offering of gentle stretch yoga and morning meditation for our members at the Collingwood Foundry. The meditation provided a perfect start to the work day, while the evening yoga helped to loosen up the body after working at a desk. Edie was incredibly accommodating to each individual member’s needs. I look forward to continuing to work with her.

Brandon, Owner, Collingwood Foundry

Your employees need a

Wellness Program if

They are tired of…

Feeling sick, on the verge of burnout, and like their work has overtaken their life

They dream of…

Working for an organization that values their happiness and mental health.

You’re ready to…

Increase productivity, reduce sick time, and create a joyful, positive workplace


Overview of

Workshops + Sessions:

You invite your employees and provide an open, quiet space for them to practice (if the workshop or session is in-person). 

I show up – online or in-person – and guide everyone through the Workshop or 45 min session.

Stress Management Workshops are interactive + relaxing. Using simple, powerful tools employees learn ways to lower stress and anxiety in the moment, so they feel happier, more productive and calm.

All 45 min sessions include Spa Yoga – a slower paced, trauma informed, inclusive practice that helps the body to release tension + relax more deeply – groudning breathing exercises + meditation.

ALL offerings are accessible + inclusive, tailored to the specific needs of your team. 

Reduce burnout. Improve mental health. Increase productivity. 

Do You Want

happy, healthy, productive employees?


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