Have you ever thought about your true life purpose? Beyond the roles we play of child, sibling, parent, partner, lover or friend – or the job titles we hold like teacher, lawyer, guest service representative, server, manager, doctor, graphic designer, sales representative etc.

Sometimes life can get the best of us. It can take hold and before we know it we’re living a life we don’t like with relationships and work that drain us rather than ignite our spirit. It takes great strength + courage to take our power back and start a new path. The reward however, far outweighs the initial fears of failure or success.

Take a moment, close your eyes or lower your gaze – breathe deeply + fully into your whole body. Exhale slowly.

Now ask yourself:

What makes me come alive?
What brings me joy?
What gives me a sense of purpose? 

We are SO much more than the titles we hold and the roles we fill. We are more powerful and capable than what we might think. It is possible to make our dreams our reality.

Working with a coach is a great way to help you live the life you deeply desire.

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1-on-1 Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching is ALLLLL about bringing more balance, ease and joy to your life!

Get ready to release the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from LIVING your ideal life. You aren’t here to play small. You’re here to SHINE bright and BE the change you know is possible in this world.

Each Coaching Session ranges from 60 – 90 minutes and takes place bi-weekly – either on Zoom or in person (if you live near Collingwood ON) as agreed by both parties.

Coaching Sessions are personalized to support you wherever you’re at + can include guided meditation, jounral prompts, breath work and yoga + exercises to complete between our calls together.


4 PACK – 4 biweekly calls (offered over 8 weeks)

8 PACK – 8 biweekly calls (scheduled over 12 weeks)

Mindfulness Coaching Sessions can include:

  • Defining clear, attainable goals + actionable steps that support you in living the life you desire
  • Addressing + releasing fears that are keeping you stuck, feeling out of balance or unfulfilled
  • Creating a simple, sustainable + stress-free Mindfulness routine that helps you THRIVE in ALL areas of your life

What matters is how we live. This is why it is so difficult and so important to ask this question of ourselves: Am I living my path fully, do I live without regret? so that we can say to whatever day is the end of our life, Yes I have lived my path with heart.

Jack Kornfield

Are you ready to create the life 

you’ve been dreaming of?


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